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The following is a breakdown of Volunteering for this season.  

What are the volunteer requirements for team families?

Volunteers are an essential part of the Blue Marlin's success. Without them we wouldn’t have a team!  Each family is required to work either a set-up or clean-up shift for each of the home meets. In addition, each family must have a representative work 1 shift every meet (home and away meets), volunteer day and a fundraiser. You must meet this requirement to receive your volunteer money back at the end of the season.

What can I do?

No matter what your background or expertise in swimming, we have a job for you! Volunteer positions include the following:

  • Head Timer - Organizes the times and replaces a watch if one fails to start.
  • Lane Timer – (two or three to a lane)Times swimmers in events
  • Scribe – Records event times for swimmers (one per lane)
  • Runner – Takes event times to timers and back to clerk entering times in the computer.
  • Concessions Runner - Take water and/or food to all officials, coaches and volunteers
  •  Meet Set-Up /Take-Down – sets up and takes down equipment and tents for meet
  • Announcer - Responsible to keep the pool area aware of the Events being called to the Ready Bench
  • Bathrooms- Collect/replace trash bags and inspect bathrooms throughout shift.
  • Equipment transporter – Brings equipment and tents to away meets
  • Griller—in charge of grilling all hot dogs/burgers and sausage during the meet.
  • Concessions - helps the concession coordinator to setup/serve food and clean-up concessions.
  • Snow Cone - serve snow cones during the home meets.
  • Ready Bench—Brave parent that can take charge of the swimmers and line them up according to heats before each event
  • Alternate- An alternate is someone who is asked to fill in when someone else can not fill their position.
  • Ribbon Writer - Helps computer clerk by putting together all ribbons for the team at the end of a meet.

Other volunteer positions you might want to consider

  • Board Member - Each year we vote on the members of the Board. They are responsible for the budget, NWAL rules, hiring the coaches, and doing whatever needs to be done.
  • Official - At each dual meet, there should be a third "team" at the pool; the officials. Prior to the beginning of each swim season there are classes to become a certified league official and each team is encouraged to provide and adequate number of officials to properly run a meet.
  • Computer Clerk and Clerk of Course- Is another job that requires some training through NWAL and a good understanding of computers.

When and where do I show up?

Please check in with the volunteer coordinator as soon as you arrive and no later than 7:30 a.m. on the day of the meet.

How Do I Sign Up?

We will have a Volunteer Book at practice the week of a Meet for you to sign up for and check positions/session information. If you have a problem, question, or concern about anything related to Volunteering or a meet, please don't hesitate to ask a Board Member.

Thanks so much,

The Board

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