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Parent Information Booklet


The Coaches

TBD - Coach   
Coach - Kat Novak


Les Novak
Vice President

Andi Bienek

Amy Stephens


Shannon Clark

Computer / COC
Karyn Roberts

Team Rep
Heather Guenther
Concessions Manager
Robin Griner


Practice Schedule Mon-Fri

Starts Tuesday, April 4th

(While school is in session and is subject to change)

6 & under 4:30p – 5:15p
Ages 7-8 5:15p – 5:45p
Ages 9-10 5:45p – 6:30p
Ages 11-12 6:30p – 7:15p
Ages 13+ 7:15p – 8:00p

When school ends, practice moves to mornings.

Swimmers 10 and under are not allowed to stay at practice without adult supervision. 


On TBD, Team Pictures will be held at the pool. Please come in your swim suit, and Team Shirts. There will be no practice that day, and the photographers will start with individual photos so that everyone has time to get to the pool.


Everyone, swimmers, parents and spectators, should take steps to prevent


REMEMBER TO drink plenty of fluids such as water and/or Gatorade.

Everyone should wear sunscreen, regardless of skin type or tone. The combination of sun and water makes everyone susceptible to sunburn.


Swim Suit Goggles
Swim Cap
Swim Suit Cover or wind pants Hat
Sunscreen  Drinking Water
Snacks (preferably high

Carbohydrates, fruits, etc.)

Tent/Tarp (Optional)
Lawn Chairs


The board members and all other helpers are volunteers. We need the help of all parents to make the swim meets run smoothly and quickly.

Many volunteer hours are put in each week ''behind the scenes''. The computer data entry person, clerk of course, officials, and board members are working throughout the week to get all of the information prepared. Swimmer information must be entered. Official times from each meet must be entered. The information is then submitted to the coach and to be marked for the next Saturday's entries. The coach returns the entries to the data entry person who must then input the meet entries and prepare to exchange the information with the other teams. After the exchange, the information from both teams must be merged and the heat sheets and seeding prepared.

Friday evening or Saturday morning we need people to set up the pool, install lane ropes, set up starting blocks, put up the tents, set up the ready bench area, set up tables for clerks and score keepers, set up concession stand, check in swimmers, etc.

During the meet we need officials on deck for referee, Stroke and Turn, Starter, Head Timer, announcer, person to assist the clerk of course, several to work the ready bench and help the younger swimmers get to the appropriate blocks, 2-3 timers per lane, 1 scribe per lane,2 score keepers, runners, ribbon writers, concession stand workers, someone to sell heat sheets, someone to pass out drinks to and assist volunteers who are unable to leave their post, the list goes on and on!!!!

After the meet the ropes, starting blocks, benches, tables, tents and other equipment must be stored away! All trash must be picked up, etc. If every volunteer works the entire meet, we need a minimum of 60-75 people! AND of course we pack and clean things up!

We need everyone’s help!

Each family paid a volunteer deposit. Each family is required to work either a set-up or clean-up shift for each of the home meets. In addition, each family must have a representative work 1 shift every meet (home and away meets), volunteer day and a fundraiser. You must meet this requirement to receive your volunteer money back at the end of the season.

Please plan to VOLUNTEER!!!!!!

Basic Terminology

Here is the basic terminology and jargon used by swimmers, coaches, etc. If you ever need more detailed information, feel free to ask a coach or another parent.


NWAL: Northwest Aquatic League; Local swimming committee. They set most of the rules and regulations for the competitions throughout the season.

Pool Terms

Length: The distance from one end of the pool to the other; our pool is 25 yards.

Lap: Two lengths of the pool or 50 yards

Meters: Some pools are measured in meters; a 25-meter pool is about 3 yards longer than a 25-yard pool

Dry Land Conditioning: Stretches and exercises done on deck or in another area prior to entering the pool for workouts.

Circle Swimming: Swimming down the lane on one side and back on the other as to form a circle. This allows several swimmers to swim simultaneously without getting in each other's way.

Flip Turn: Performing a flip in order to turn in a continuous motion at the end of the pool.

Strokes: There are four competitive strokes used by the swimmers; freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke.

Individual Medley (IM): An event that combines all four strokes. A swimmer may swim one or two lengths of each stroke depending on the age group they are in. The order of strokes is: butterfly + backstroke + breaststroke + freestyle.

Relay Medley: An event that combines a team of swimmers and each one swims a different stroke in the order of: backstroke + breaststroke + butterfly + freestyle

Equipment Terms

False Start Buzzer: Used by an official to signify a false start. If a swimmer doesn't hear the buzzer, a rope is dropped across the pool to stop the swimmer.

Stopwatches: Used by the timers to get official times during a competition

Electronic Starting Device: Used to signify the beginning of an event at competition. This device has both a horn and a light that signifies a start.

Colorado System: Computerized starting and timing system

Starting Block: Platform used by swimmers to dive from for all strokes except backstroke (for backstroke, swimmer starts in the water, holding the low handles of the block).

Flags: Placed 16ft (5 m) from each end of the pool over the lanes. The flags serve as a guide to the swimmer as to let him/her know when they are nearing the end of the pool

Meet Guidelines

Illness Day of Meet

Call Computer Clerk as soon as possible, preferably the evening before the meet, but at least by 6:30 AM on the day of the meet.

Check-in Day of Meet

Swimmers and Parent Volunteers must check in upon arrival at the meet so they will be counted present, and receive information for the day. The swimmer will be given the numbers of the events he/she will be swimming that day (up to 5 events, 3 individual & 2 relays). The swimmers must stay in the designated team area. If a swimmer cannot be located when his/her event is called, that swimmer will be scratched from the race. The parent will be given their volunteer positions for the day. Parents are responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of their swimmers while at the meet . You must inform the coach if a swimmer must leave before the end of the meet, even if he/she has completed all of their scheduled events.

Officials and Disagreements

Under NO circumstances will a parent or swimmer approach an official or question an official's decision.

If there is a problem or concern, it WILL be handled through the Team Representative.

Rules and Expectations

-NO talking when the coaches are talking and/or instructing.

-Eyes and ears above the water when the coaches speak.

-No food, drink, gum or candy in the water.

-Coaches will decide what lane you swim in at all times.

-Kickboards and swim equipment stay on deck unless told otherwise. When using equipment, keep them at the surface.

-Unless you have very short hair, you need a swim cap or hair pulled back.

-Try your very best to attend all practices, but at least 3 per week, in order to be prepared for the meets.

-DO NOT sit, stand or play on the lane ropes.

-Parents are asked to stay off the deck area unless a coach has asked you to help in some manner.

Food for Thought

Dinner the Night before Meets:        

High Carbohydrate  Diet

Breakfast the Morning of the Meets: Lunch During Meets:
Pizza, Pasta, Bread , Rice Whole Grain Cereals, Fruit, Bran Muffins, Oatmeal, Eggs, Toast Fruit, Light Sandwich, Pasta Salad, Granola Bar
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