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Practice conduct and safety rules

There may come a time when a parent is required to discipline their child and the swim team asks that this be done in a discrete manner as to not embarrass the child and upset other parents or swimmers. A board member will intervene if inappropriate behavior is observed around others.

 Practice conduct and safety rules

It is crucial that we remind you the POOL IS CLOSED DURING ALL BLUE MARLIN PRACTICE TIMES except to those swimmers attending their assigned practice. The guideline for children - of all ages – to remain out of the pool unless they were specifically attending their practice. Further, the coaches are not able to manage, observe, or control siblings who become too active inside the fenced pool area. Nor is it their job.

Most HOAs and swim teams do not allow ANYONE inside their fenced area during practice times for the above reasons. Remember, the pool is officially closed during practice times as there are no lifeguards on duty. The liability of an accidental drowning or major injury is too great for all of us. In most swim team situations parents are relegated to bringing their own chairs and sitting ‘behind’ the fence. The possibility is always looming that Blue Marlin practice spectators will no longer have access to the pool deck during practices.

In addition to safety is the subject of vandalism. In the past we have been plagued with minor vandalism during practice sessions. Remember that as a resident of the BFST neighborhood the clubhouse, pool and grounds area are YOURS. Please instruct your children to have respect for this facility that belongs to all of us.

In order for us to continue to allow parents and siblings in the fenced area during practice, we are asking for your cooperation. The basic rules include but are not limited to: 


  • Children should not be unsupervised or left to the supervision of siblings.
  • No one should be in the pool, close to the edge, or playing on the pool ladders.
  • No climbing fences/trees or swinging on gates
  • No throwing rocks or other items in the pool.
  • No running, ball playing, horseplay inside pool gates.
  • No running inside the pool fenced area.
  • No playing or running around the pool deck.
  • No defacing of property of any kind. This includes playground and bathroom areas.
  • Keep bathrooms neat and tidy – placing paper towels in trash after use, etc. 
  • Upon leaving the pool, tidy up the pool area: i.e., pick up all trash, put all tables back in their proper place, replace chairs neatly next to tables, etc. Last practice observers and swimmers should ensure swim team items are put away for safe storage during the night.

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